SQL Bits training day

I have the privilege of delivering a training day at this years SQL Bits. My training day is called Furthering your Power BI development skills. It´s a whole day course for those who have used Power BI but want to add an understanding for more complex ways of using it.

If you have used Power BI a bit and feel like you are ready to take the next step you can signup for the training day on the SQL Bits website. You press the register button and you can choose to register for the whole conference or individual days.

The training day will focus on different things that can help you add to your Power BI knowledge. The day as four themes. Power Query, Data modelling, Reporting and Dataflows.

You can read more about the exact content of the day here

I would have loved to be in London and meet many of you face to face but as we all know it´s just not possible at the moment. I know SQL Bits have done a tremendous work for moving the conference online and I will do my utmost to make sure that the training day will give you value.

Besides the training day I will deliver two session in the regular conference. One is a 50 min session on Monitoring Power BI (Thursday at 10:15 GMT)) and the other is a 20 min session on Power BI Governance (Saturday at 14:20 GMT).

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